Thanks to all who made Pioneer Days a
great success in 2011!

Marquand News Notes

Coming Soon…. The Belmont Inn Bed & Breakfast
107 East Morley
Marquand, Missouri 63655

Proprietor: Dee Vitt

Sadly neglected, yet richly engrained into the history of this railroad boom town, The Belmont Inn takes its name from the service branch of the Missouri Pacific Railroad by the same identity. Built around 1890 of lumber milled within the community, the home has graced Marquand’s landscape for more than 100 years. Now, thanks to the insight of former Marquand resident, Dee (Mouser) Vitt, the home will hopefully remain an integral part of the community’s rich history for yet another century.

“I’ve always just loved this house, states Vitt. It was the home of one of my very favorite teachers, Mrs. Gladys Brotherton, which makes it even more special. From the tall, slender Victorian-detailed front porch and balcony, to the decorative fish-scale gabled eves, and the interesting lines of the roof… it’s just charming. I know the house has been neglected and abused, but with the right amount of TLC, a good carpenter, and my experience in restoring my own old home behind me, I’m confident I can make it both charming and accommodating to guests.”

Originally built for the Hahn family, and once housing an Art Gallery, the home is most commonly known as the Tom & Iona Brotherton house, a designation that has carried with the home through its most recent ownership.

Although tentative, and pending on any unforeseen construction delays, Vitt plans to have The Belmont Inn open for reservations this Summer.

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