The Gallery: Where Art and Artist Collide

Dorothy Kelley, Curator, 573-783-5609

The Gallery located at 101 E. Pinckney Street, just off Whitener Street behind The Reagan Hotel, was born out of the need for a venue to promote the work of Nature Photographer, Kevin Ward. Kevin, who has staged successful shows at Marbles Gallery in Lafayette Square, and The Nature Center in Cape Girardeau, has an impeccible eye for flora and minute details that most of us walk past every day.

After staging several exhibits of his work, the team of Ward & Kelley discussed the need to promote the work of other local and regional artists to showcase the unbelievable impact Visual Art can have on one’s existance, and the region in which one lives. Today, exhibits rotate every 2-3 months, and the venue has been home to the work of Textile Artists, Sculpturs, Artifact Collectors, Photographers, Painters, Jewelry Craftsmen, and even Children’s Art. Themes have ranged from Indian Artifacts, to Wedding Photography & Ensembles Past & Present – featuring well known local Photographer Russ Middleton, to Modernism portrayed by Artist Abril Borrego, to the exceptional Watercolor & Oil works of Kathryn Breitenstein, to “Ebru” The Art of Turkish Marbling by Trey Copeland, Amazing Photography by Channel 12’s Weatherman, Brian Alworth, the work of Multi-talented Teacher and Artist, Jan Chamberlain, Landscapes of the Ozarks by Butler County Artist, Michael Phelps, and The Seasons of Flowers by Marble Hill native, Dodi (Ricketts) Conrad, who closed the 2011 Season at The Gallery with her amazing work. And the list goes on…..

With natural light pouring into the vaulted room, the space is captivating to Art enthusiasts of all ages. Regardless of the medium the exhibit is supporting at the time of visit, you are sure to capture the true aesthetic value. The Gallery is FREE of admission and commission. 100% of all sales are returned to the artist. Each exhibit is complemented with theme appropriate furnishings and Objects de'Art.

Cape Girardeau Resident, Tom Ward, is Featured Artist at The Gallery in Marquand

June 2016 – August 2016

Tom Ward, a resident of Cape Girardeau, is a retired barber, who is also a self-taught artist. “I’ve drawn and painted my entire life,” says Tom. His work has appeared in a number of juried shows in Southeast Missouri, which has brought great recognition to his artistic ability.

When asked what mediums he prefers to work in, Tom replied: “When I’m working in portraiture, my favorite medium is dry brush oil. If I’m working on landscapes, I really like the contrast and detail I can accomplish through using graphite. Although I feel I do my best work when I’m doing a portrait, I thoroughly enjoy bringing old farm buildings and historic subject matter to live on my canvas. It’s a great reminder of how far we have advanced as a civilization here in rural Missouri.”

As the viewer carefully assesses Tom’s work, you’ll find that capturing facial features is a very strong ability of the artist. “A subject’s eyes can tell so much about the mood they are in, so it’s important to bring that feature to life in my work,” expresses Ward. You will also see the keen play on light, which is another important factor in making a portrait “life-like.” In the artist’s landscape work, people are often placed in the setting to illustrate the reality of a lifestyle that has long passed. Ward’s depth and perspective are also driving forces in his work of creating a well-illustrated landscape.

“I welcome all the commissioned work I can get,” states Ward. “It’s my opportunity to create a lasting image for a family that will hopefully grace their home for many, many generations to enjoy.” As a special offer during his exhibition at The Gallery, Ward will offer a reduced rate to anyone who commissions a piece of work after visiting his exhibit during the months of June, July and August. A Meet The Artist reception is planned for Saturday, June 11 from 1 – 3 p.m., with refreshments being served. For further information and Gallery hours, please call 573-783-5609. This venue is supported in part by MAC and MACAA.